Premium Ayvalık Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Premium Ayvalık
Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Gaia Oliva Early Harvest Premium Ayvalık is produced using Ayvalık olives grown in a single grove in the Aegean region of Turkey. These olives are pressed shortly after early harvest without air with modern methods that best preserve the nutrient volatile components. Premium Memecik has a low acid rate and a high polyphenol value, rich in beneficial ingredients and antioxidants.

You will never forget the highly fruity taste of Premium Ayvalık with balanced bitterness and pungency, and its striking yellow color described as “liquid gold” by Homer.



Award-Winning Olive Oil


Gaia Oliva Premium Ayvalık is the recipient of four gold and four silver awards in global competitions. What’s more Premium Ayvalık is selected into the Flos Olei Top 500 2022 list among the best olive oils from five continents.



New Harvest


Produced from Ayvalık olives picked in the 2021-2022 new harvest period, new harvest will be the guest of honor of your tables with its high fruitiness, balanced bitterness and pungency. It has an acid rate of 0.26 and a polyphenol value of 458.